Archi Enterprises Inc. provides modular kits for building a variety of industrial-grade support structures which can be easily transported, configured, disassembled, and reconfigured or stored, using the company's patent-pending quick-connect system. The modular system was first invented for the film industry, where cameras, lights, monitors and other instruments need stands, dollies, and carts to be deployed easily in the right place and right time. Applications in other industries are wide ranging, with all assemblies constructed using Archi’s universal building blocks to meet customers’ specific needs.

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In 2005, founder Alexander LeBlanc set out to create a modular support system that would be lightweight, customizable, and reconfigurable for a variety of camera support systems and other apparatuses. It was in 2011 that Alex knew he was on the right track, when while working as a TV Production Assistant he saw an industry-standard camera dolly being pushed and pulled by six men up a small apartment stairway. These years later, the Archi Modular System has become a reality, and now the Archi Team is excited to share our vision with you.

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