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Archi Vertical Riser Dolly 1


Welcome to the home of Archi.

Archi Enterprises Inc. provides modular kits for building a variety of industrial-grade support structures which can be easily transported, configured, disassembled, and reconfigured or stored, using the company's patent-pending quick-connect system. The modular system was first invented for the film industry, where cameras, lights, monitors and other instruments need stands, dollies, and carts to be deployed easily in the right place and right time. Applications in other industries are wide-ranging, with all assemblies constructed using Archi’s universal building blocks to meet customers’ specific needs. We’d love to hear from you the ways you’d like to use the Archi System. Build your own kit and enjoy.


Camera SUPPORT And Lighting Kits

Archi was born to help filmmakers capture the perfect shot. Build multiple jibs, dollies, sliders, and vertical lift systems using a common set of parts.


WoRk and Live-EVent Assemblies

Building a custom setup for your office, shop, or event can be a snap with the Archi System. Browse our public assemblies here or contact us to create your own design. 


How the Archi System Works

The Archi System’s patent-pending connectors and roller modules can be configured in countless ways to perform common operations as well as specialized tasks. Whatever your needs - there’s a kit to match.

Beta-Testers Wanted

We aren’t selling our products yet, but we’d like you to try them out for free. Apply here to be a beta-tester: