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The true beauty of the Archi System is its universally compatible connectors and specialized modules which can be assembled in countless ways - meaning there is no limit to what can be created. This page displays commonly used assemblies that are available for testing. We offer several others that we look forward to posting soon. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a custom design or application in mind. 


General Features

  • System-wide universal connectors.

  • Connector-mount T-slots on all tubes for wide-ranging adaptability.

  • Don't have the right length of tubes for the task at hand? Easily swap them out for a different length or combine them for the particular needs of that setup.

  • The ends of the tube modules are fitted with a Rotator Socket (F), a Side-Fixed Socket (SF), or a Male Cap (M) where the male connector components can be attached or left off at an end-point. Tube modules are categorized by their length and end connectors. Example: SF-M 270mm is a 270mm tube module with a Side-Fixed Socket at one end and a Male Cap at the other end.



Low-Angle Dolly

low angel dolly.png


Getting a travelling camera shot low to the ground has never been easier - mount your camera on to a Low-Angle Dolly to capture the action from near to the ground up. 



Rail Slider

Slider Blue Background.png


An Archi Rail Slider is customizable to varying lengths and heights - the double-axis camera mount assembly travels smoothly on dual clamp-rollers and any length of Archi tube module up to 2.4 meters.

crane on slider on blue.png


Smoothly moving a camera over un-level ground is a breeze when using an Archi Rail Jib. Put together a series of tube modules for any length of track.



Rolling Jib

Dolly on Wheels on Blue.png


An Archi Rolling Jib can be mounted on pneumatic or hard casters depending on the ground surface, and the center column extended and base widened for differing angles and ride-along setups - ready to roll in nearly any filming situation.


Lighting Rack

Lighting Stand Banner.png


For mounting multiple lights on industry-standard spigots, an Archi Lighting Rack can be configured to varying heights, spacing, and numbers of industrial lights.